Thursday, June 25, 2015

Truck Driver Trucking Employment Options

As a new truck driver, you have many trucking employment options that you can choose from. As a new driver, you are probably excited to hit the highways and start your career as a trucker. Before you jump into a cab of a truck, you should take time to fully understand your options. Long hauling trucking or, is the way many new drivers start off their career. For many, long hauling trucking is their first choice, but for others it is a stepping stone to eventually find local trucking jobs with smaller companies.
Just like any other job, when you are new, you have to start somewhere. Becoming a truck driver is no different. The reasons that new drivers start with long hauling trucking or over-the-road (OTR) trucking vary, but for the majority, it is a requirement that must be met before driving a truck for a small company and many local trucking jobs.
Most of the shipping and delivery companies that provide local runs require a minimum of two years of truck driving experience. The smaller trucking companies and many trucking companies that only do local runs, require the minimum 2 years of experience per their insurance requirements. It is more economical to insure a truck driver that has 2 years of experience and with a clean record, than it is to insure a new non-experienced truck driver. Also some insurance companies will not insure new drivers.
When you are considering your employment options, you should weigh them carefully. When deciding on a driving job, you should research and check out each trucking company. If possible, try to locate feedback from actual truck drivers for that company. Another aspect to consider is the condition of their trucks. A trucking company that does not properly maintain their equipment will cost you time and money while you are out trying to earn money.
Properly maintained vehicles also reduce your chances of getting a ticket as you pass through DOT inspections. Finding work as a truck driver is fairly easy to find because shipping companies are constantly hiring. Some employer's offers may include incentives if you sign on as a new driver. You will need to use caution when accepting a "sign on" incentive. Incentives normally come with a hitch, such as agreeing that you will drive for a certain number of years. This can be good or bad. Shipping companies that offer truck drivers an incentive, often have a very high turnover rate. You will want to ask yourself, why their drivers leave so often.
The best advice to any new truck driver that is contemplating a certain company or someone considering a new company is to decide which trucking company will best help you fulfill your goal. Whether it is hauling containers, flatbed hauling or boxed trailer hauling, finding truck driver jobs is plentiful throughout the country. There will be many options available to you and there are several great companies that will help you start your career as a truck driver.
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