Monday, February 9, 2015

Truck Stop Food worth Holding Out For

Airport Diner
Any driver in the know who has done a drop or load-up in the industrial yards off 293 in Manchester, NH knows the place to make time for is the Airport Diner. There is the large UPS open parking lot just across the street with dedicated turning lanes, and cheap gas in both directions. The food is… incredible. Tasty, unbiased, and inexpensive, so that every time a rig pulls into the joint there’s a line out the door on a slow day.

Good thing that line moves fast.

Up until now, that food had to be a destination meal, where truckers looking for an omelet fix or a side of corned beef hash without the grease needed to head into the industrial yards, braving the switchbacks and short notice off ramps that make Manchester an unpopular destination.

But no more.

Thanks in part to the Airport Diner’s parent company’s local success story (The Common Man), the Airport Diner will be branching out into the newly constructed north and southbound truck stop centers on I-93 just short of the I-89 W split and south of the state’s capital, Concord. These two locations are underwritten privately by the parent company, limiting state involvement in menus, available hours, and the usual host of rules and regulations that takes something yummy and makes it taste like high school cafeteria food.

Designed to provide great food and speedy service, these two Airport Diner service islands will focus on good food, clean and reliable amenities, and a safe port in the storm should a nor’easter blow through as they commonly do. These truck stops also increase the usability of the North/South corridor in NH for loads running the New England area.

Food worth It

The Airport Diner philosophy bases itself off the notion of the great truck stop diner fare of the 1950s, with hearty portions coked fresh and hot without putting a dent in your wallet. The common menu starts with breakfast 24 hours a day, with the remainder making up with comfort food classics like mac and cheese, meatloaf, and roast turkey dinners.

But don’t think this stuff comes out of a can to keep the process down. The Diner has a reputation to maintain, and all meals are fresh and made to order behind the stainless steel wall plates and nostalgic artwork hanging on the wall for customer enjoyment.

Next time you roll through, treat yourself to a little time out of the cab for some great food. You’ll be glad you did.

View the Airport Diner's Menu: Airport Diner Menu

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