Monday, October 6, 2014

Tips for a Truck Stop Shower

A truck driver is a representative of the trucking company which he works for, have the need for cleanliness at all times as first impression last longer. Securing a contract for such trucking companies can either be lost or won depending on the first appearance of the truck driver. Personal hygiene is act practiced by individuals which includes using the bathrooms or showers. Majority of the truck drivers cannot access those normal toilet facilities, considering the fact that they are always on the road. Depending on the time spent on a journey, they may be separated from these facilities for as long as it takes them to return home.

Majority of the truck stops possess truck stop showers. Usually, the truck stops showers are enclosed areas using a lockable door. If a trucker buys fuel at a truck stop (between 50 to 100 gallons) he is automatically entitled to use the truck stop shower for free. A trucker with a reward card for various truck stops can also use the truck stop shower. However, their use is not restricted to truck drivers alone. Non-truckers can also use the truck stop shower. They are charged around $7 to $10 to access the truck stop shower.

With respect to the truck-stop, personal identification number or a key could be issued by which an individual gets the room that was given. The consumer is provided a towel and wash cloth and occasionally, a paper bath tub mat. Ideally, a truck driver should have a spare towel, once in a while the towels in these truck stop showers are either worn-out or poor.   Sometimes there is a hair dryer in each room. Some truck stop facilities also have fan or heater unit installed in each room in order to lessen or stop fogs on the mirror. Other items that could be found in the truck stop shower include:

A mirror, which could be either used for shaving or to see one’s dressing
A functioning electrical outlet for appliances such as hair dryers.
A tub or sink with clean running water and effective drainage.

With respect to the size of the truck stop, some showers are usually not large while some are enormous (which includes those for disabled users or for couples that are truck drivers).

Depending on use by the others, the services there could possibly be a waiting list or might be accessible right away. It is a good idea to take good care one’s self as soon as you possibly can, because others could be waiting while we've never discovered a time limit in using a bath.
In case you learn that the room to which you are assigned is not up to that company's normal standard of cleanliness, be sure to inform the management.

However, larger truck stops give credit known as shower credit if the trucker purchases about 50 gallons of fuel. This credit facility, when not used, expires five days after the fuel purchase. If he is not plying this route during this period, he can give the card to no other trucker on the route.

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  1. I think that it would be really fun to drive a truck for a short period of time. It would be fun to see a lot of the country. It would probably get home sick though. Not being able to bring my dog would be pretty hard as well.