Monday, October 27, 2014

Tips for Purchasing a Used Class 8 Truck

Purchasing a Used Class 8 Truck

Buying a used Class 8 truck takes more than just looking at the features, you need to look under the hood as well. For many drivers who want to have their own truck, the advantages of purchasing a used one are obvious.

Used Class 8 TrucksA new class 8 truck is expensive and it can take years to save up the money just to put a good down payment on one. However, a used truck is far less expensive and many drivers can put back enough money to get one in a much shorter period of time. Still, there are disadvantages of owning a used truck that you will need to be aware of before making the purchase.

What to Look for when Purchasing a Used Class 8 Truck

The first think you will need to do is prioritize the needs of the truck you want to own and put to the side the niceties and features that you can do without. You’ll need to make a checklist so that you can fully take down the information on the used truck you are inspecting. What follows are the basics when it comes to overseeing what you want to look for in a truck.

Lights: The first thing you should check off your list is the lights on the vehicle. You’ll want to see that all of them are intact and working properly as well as having the minimum number to be legally on the road.

Brakes: The brake lines should be connected from the truck to the trailer with no issues. Plus, you may want to have a jake brake in the vehicle or some similar device that helps you slow the truck down. Remember that jake braking is illegal in certain cities and counties however.

Transmission: Most used class 8 trucks have manual transmissions, although you will find a growing number that have automatic ones. You’ll want to know how many speeds the engine carries which will range from nine to eighteen. The greater the number, the better control you will have over the truck, especially when it comes to making different maneuvers.

Engine: The condition of the engine is paramount to whether you are going to purchase the truck or not. Everything else can be fixed or replaced within reason, but replacing the engine is a cost that you do not want to bear. Obviously, you should start with the transmission to see what kind it is and then turn to the number of miles the engine has run. Be sure to ask about the maintenance history and any issues that have arisen over that time.

The Features of the Truck

After clearing the big hurdles, you’ll now want to focus on the amenities that the vehicle offers. Safety equipment is an obvious one, but you’ll also want to see about thermostat gauges and other indicators that make driving the truck a lot easier. Comfortable sleepers are always good as well, however you should focus on the features that you want and see if the used class 8 truck has them.
Finally, remember that the main aspects of the used truck are vital towards making a purchase. A class 8 truck in great shape that doesn’t have an amenity or two is something you should buy if it is at a good price. 

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