Thursday, October 23, 2014

Write a Good Quality Blog Comment

blog-commentLeaving short comments will not inspire people to comment on your view. Use a little thought and leaving a sentence or two makes a much better comment.

 You are encouraged to comment in this blog. If you write a quality blog comment on this blog I will approve it. If you are just trying to advertise you will end up in the spam section.

 Below you will find some videos and links to help you write better comments.

I have read through many articles on this subject and the third graders in the first video do the best job of summing it up in 5 minutes!

How to Write a Quality Comment!
Quality Blog Comments - Examples
Leaving High Quality Blog Comments

Articles on better commenting:

How to Write a Good Blog Comment
How to Write a Good Blog Comment
Writing Great Blog Comments

Practice your new blog commenting skills here!
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