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Pros and cons of team truck driving

It is said that two heads are better than one and this applies to team truck driving as well. Team truck driving is a trucking operation where two truckers share driving responsibilities for the same truck. This implies that both drivers take a turn driving on-duty. Typically, the team truckers set their own mode of operation and schedule of who will drive as well as duration for each drive. 

In the American trucking industry, team trucking is not a norm. A vast majority of the companies would rather prefer solo truckers, however, trucking companies such as C R England, as well as other transport companies, offer truckers team driving employment opportunities. Some of the teams consist of husband and wife who take up the job not only because of the passion they have for it, but also the affection and time spent with each other during the adventure. Some other team drivers are two jolly and good friends and sometimes some are made up of two strangers who are on a quest of trying something new and different.

However, team driving presents both pros and cons that need to be carefully considered by a trucker in order to make a wise decision.

Pros of Team Truck Driving 

There are some pros that team truckers benefit from. Some of these include:

Having Someone with you in the Truck

Team trucking provides an opportunity of having a fellow trucker with you in the truck. Truth be told, sometimes a solo trucker can be lonely while hauling goods from one location to another as this may take days to achieve. Having a good friend or even a spouse on the quest usually helps to ease such solitude or aloneness.

Financial Benefits

A large number of truckers consider the financial reward attached to team trucking assignments before opting for the job. It is imperative to know that having two drivers on a rig allows increased maximization of distance to be covered within a 24-hour period. Usually, team truckers can keep a truck moving continuously, from pickup to drop off. However, this also increases the paycheck for both drivers. Also, some companies make team driving even more rewarding by offering incentives and bonuses.

Cons of Team Truck Driving

Despite the pros of having a team driver, there are also some cons for this operation. Some of these include:

Misunderstanding between Drivers

Usually, team truckers are faced with challenges that they need to be surmount if they are to be successful. One of the most disturbing challenges is the natural personality clashes or misunderstanding that happens between any two individuals. This is also possible between husband and wife that are team truckers. An individual that has issues working with others should not consider team trucking.

Stopping for Breaks

A team driver does not necessarily get a break when needed. Because the responsibility is shared between them, the team drivers are usually under strict and stern delivery schedules. Both drivers are at the mercy of one another coupled with the delivery schedule.

Control Issues


Control issue is also another major concern exhibited by the drivers. Although both drivers have equal liberty and say, most times it is understood that one driver in the team tries to be the leader, thus making the other a follower. This sometimes may generate heated arguments, thus reducing the distance to be covered.

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