Monday, December 15, 2014

Lifestyle of a Trucker

For some individuals, spending time on the road and seeing new things every day, meeting new people as well as earning cash in the process is what they wish for. This means only one thing, a fulfilled life; which is the ability to do what they love the most. One of the few professions that can make this dream possible is the truck driving. Truckers convey items throughout the United States, and sometimes to place like Mexico and Canada. Truckers play a major role in our daily day-to-day activities in almost every industry, especially the manufacturing or production, retail, automotive, food and dining sector.

Like any other career, trucking is a choice. However, trucking necessitates an individual to adapt to a lifestyle totally around the job. This includes spending so much time on the road for several weeks (usually around 3 weeks or more) and then having a few days to rest at home (this is also called Hometime). A trucker’s schedule is considered as one of the most difficult phase for both a trucker and his family. Just like other careers such as oilfield workers and the military, trucking also requires spending so much time away from family and friends. Sometimes, they may feel lonely as a result of this However, individuals that are single have fewer obligations, find trucking a rewarding lifestyle as limitless freedom to try out new things abound for them.

During the first year, most truckers are assigned to heavy load which are not encouraging. Some freight and trucking companies even allow drivers that have worked with them for a long time choose the route that best suits them when an assignment is given. This makes it difficult for new truckers, as they are faced with the challenge of having to drive to isolated locations and also have undesirable schedule. This action is typical of most trucking companies because they want their first year to prove that they are reliable and responsible. A first year trucker builds positive reputation by keeping to delivery schedule in a timely and reliable manner. It is therefore advisable for most trucker to possess a cellphone as a means of communication to both friends and family. This will assist most first year drivers to fight loneliness and home sickness

A trucker’s dexterity in operating the trucks and trailers is another physical challenge of the trucking job. Training to acquire a commercial driver’s license (CDL) usually takes a few months or even more courses and workshops. One benefit of the CDL training for truckers is that it easier to acquire than other college courses or trade schools.

Another considered lifestyle of a trucker is the total earning made. Usually, truckers are paid per mile but CDL certified truckers have the opportunity to make it either a full time or part-time income. According the a study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, most heavy and tractor truckers earn about $38,000 on the average or $19 per hour. Trucking is physically demanding and this one major reason why a trucker's wage is twice the federal minimum wage. However, this allows a trucker provide for the family and also live a comfortable lifestyle.

It is imperative to know that trucking is in a league of its own for any woman or man who chooses it as a profession.

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