Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Become a Truck Driver

The romance of the open road might well be calling, but to truly find out if you’ll be happy following the yellow lines you will need to ask yourself a few hard questions and have a bit of knowledge about how such a life might play out. Holding a truck driving job isn’t a life cut out for everyone, regardless what the ate night trucking school commercials might say. Armed with a bit of information and a serious reflection on what makes you happy will go a long way – and that could either be toward the cab of a long haul, cross-continent rig or somewhere else entirely.

Start With The Questions
A trucking job is unique in that it pulls you away fro long periods on time at end, away from family so you can deliver you loads where they need to go. You have little say in the when, so being on the road to maximize your paycheck is the way to go. This means driving five days a week in a solid shift, with a day off. You will want to discuss this possibility with your family before making a decision.

Not all driving schools are created equal, so choose the one right for you and with an accreditation for your certification work. The PTDI is the accreditation to look for, and this will help you when it’s time to apply for your CDL. Your accredited school will provide you with a solid training with appropriate hours behind the wheel to get you on your feet, so head into class with a mindful attitude to learn as much as possible.

Maintain Your Driving Record
Before you even apply for a driving job, make sure you have a good driving record. A company will check during the interview process, so if you have a lousy history, the chances of you being hired are next to nothing. You will also want to keep a clean driving record while working, as this will help keep you employed.

Talk to a Working Trucker

Find a mentor who is currently working to ask question of to help you make your decision. A truck driving job is different from company to company, so seek someone who works the same type of rig and job you’d like to apply yourself toward. They can help immensely with tips and information on the realities of the road, and might be willing to let you ride along to get a feel what a trucking job might have in store for you.

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  1. My husband has been thinking about becoming a truck driver but isn't sure if if he wants to invest in a new career. I really like your advice to talk with a working truck driver. It seems like you could gain some really valuable information about what the life of truck driver is really like by having a conversation with a current driver. My husband wants to make sure he will be happy in this career before he invests in the required schooling.