Thursday, September 11, 2014

Truck Stop Tips For Ultimate Safety and A Good Night’s Sleep

Written by Zoey
By Zoey
The truck driving occupation certainly requires a degree of alertness as well as concentration. Having that unique capability to rest in an environment in which you feel safe is no minor issue. The ideas presented here will hopefully be able get the rest you'll need and to avoid risky truck stops.

Truck Stop Tip #1: Security

One of the most important factors in find in truck stops is security. For example, you should ask yourself whether your particular parking area has sufficient lighting. See if there are any CCTV cameras or if there are any security guards that patrol the region. This is especially important during the nighttime, in the event that you see potential lot lizard, drunks or other vagrant individuals walking around during the day.

Truck Stop Tip #2: Finding Clean Parking Areas

You definitely don’t want to spend the night in a parking area that is overflowing with rubbish and garbage cans. It is best to find areas that are cleaned frequently as that is often a good measure of the security you’ll have to park your truck there. In case the parking lot is not very large or has tiny parking spaces it's generally not a bad idea to go somewhere else. These kinds of places can make it notoriously difficult to steer your truck.

Truck Stop Tip #3: Locating Cheap Fuel

There are hundreds of fueling facilities throughout the country and some are better than others. Experienced truck drivers have suggestions from their company on where to find such great locations, which can also include great food and safe spots to rest.  A trucking GPS can also come in handy to find such places. Having a discount club card for particular truck stop chain can help to save money as well.

Fuel costs can be a big factor in determining on a truck stop. Oftentimes it can pay off to drive a bit further and locate a truck stop with more acceptable fuel prices. It's also a good idea to look over the quality of the area in which you will pump. For example, if you find that there are plenty of spills, you should go someplace else or you'll end up smelling of fuel for the rest of the day – and possibly your whole trip.

Truck Stop Tip #4: Don’t Do Your Regular Shopping

The truck stop is simply there for your temporary convenience. The costs of buying any goods are generally higher than you would pay locally for the same items.  Be sure to always buy common everyday items you’ll need before going out on your trip so that you will have to pay premium prices for them at your truck stop. 

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  1. These are some great tips! I never really thought about how important it would be to buy everyday items in cities as opposed to at truck stops. I guess it may be more convenient but you'll pay for it over time. The small increase will add up over the years. Thanks for sharing these tips—I'm just getting into trucking and this article was very helpful!