Thursday, September 18, 2014

FMCSA concerned about truck and bus drivers’ use of GPS navigation systems

Why is FMCSA concerned about truck and bus drivers’ use of GPS navigation systems?

FMCSA believes the information concerning commercial vehicles crashing into bridges suggests that some drivers may have used electronic navigation systems intended for passenger car drivers rather than truck and bus drivers. The Agency is working with its State partners and industry to make sure professional truck and bus drivers recognize the importance of using navigation systems intended for commercial vehicles. These navigation systems provide truck and bus drivers with important route restrictions, such as low bridge overpasses.

What tips is FMCSA providing for the safe use of GPS navigation systems?

  • Select an electronic navigation system intended for use by truck and bus drivers
  • Before drivers begin their trip, they should type in all relevant information about their vehicles so the system can provide the appropriate route
  • Follow the route recommended by the navigation system, but ALWAYS obey traffic signs and advisories (such as low bridge overpasses, axle weight limits, detour signs, variable message signs, etc.)
  • Do not engage in distracted driving! Avoid typing or entering addresses or information into the navigation system while driving
  • If your navigation system does not provide automatic updates of the maps, be sure to obtain updates to ensure you are following the most current route planning information
FMCSA GPS Visor Card

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