Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to get a Transportation Worker Identification Credential?T

Who Has to Get TWIC?

Transportation Worker Identification is a sort of Identity card that is issued by the Transportation Security Administration as well as the U.S Coast Guard. This card is mandatory for all the marine workers who require unprotected access to secure areas of port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities as well as vessels regulated under the Marine Transportation Security Act 2002. 

Procedure for getting TWIC

In order for an individual to get a Transport Worker Identification Credential, such person needs to submit the documents which are listed in the procedure and also give proof of their citizenship. Citizens who are born in U.S have to provide documents proving their citizenship. A new card can be processed with standard fees of 128$ with effect from 1st February 2015. There is a reduction in price than the previous rates, as a result of the FBI’s lowered fingerprint processing charges. Usually, a new card would take duration of 10 to 12 weeks for processing as well as issuing. Hence, it is advisable to the applicant that they apply prior to this duration from their requirement of Transportation Worker Identification Credential.
To get TWIC card an applicant must provide biographic and biometric information like fingerprints and also be present for a digital photograph and be able to successfully pass the Security threat assessment test conducted by TSA.

What does the card look like?

Transportation Worker Identification Credential card is a tampered card that contains Integrated Circuit Chip which contains holder’s Biometric data and holder’s information. This card can be read under a reader or by holding it near a contactless reader. Other alternative methods to decode the information stored in the cards are through a magnetic field and linear barcode provided at the back of the card.  

This card looks like a simple Identity card which carries your digital photograph and the chip at the front and magnetic field and barcode on the back of it.

Can we have Cards with Missing Fingerprints? 

There are a few slots of cards issued by the department wrongly without the Fingerprint information stored in the card. It is hard for holders to know that whether their card falls under this group or not. But there is a series of number provided on the website of the Agency. You need to compare the Agency Serial Number of your card with the numbers provided by the agency as affected series. An individual whose card falls into the category of the affected series need not to worry, as all that needs to be done is to call UES call centers and obtain a free replacement. Your card is still valid in case it is not carrying fingerprint information until you get your new card.

Why is it necessary to have a TWIC credential with you? 

According to CFR amendments the Merchant Marine needs to have all valid documents as well as a valid TWIC card compulsorily, failure of which would result in a denial for original, renewal, new endorsement, duplicate or raise of a mariner’s credential. However, it can also lead to revocation as well as suspension of such individual under section 46 United States Code 7702 and 7703.

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