Thursday, January 8, 2015

Truck-Stop Accommodations

Truckers look forward to locating truck stops to purchase fuel and to get necessary repairs made. Drivers especially look forward to finding available parking spaces at the end of their shift. They know that they can look forward to getting rest or a good night’s sleep. A commercial driver's quality of life on the road often depends upon truck stops and their amenities. Truckers depend upon them for fuel, repairs, food, rest and safety.

Many drivers have pulled into them late at night only to find that there were no available parking spaces. This has forced them to continue driving in search of suitable places to park even though they may have been totally exhausted. Currently, there is a shortage of suitable safe places for drivers to park. Many drivers have been forced to park in unsafe places after being unable to find available parking space at truck stops. As a result some of these drivers have been robbed, injured or even killed.

Truck Stops are vital to the trucking industry and provide a vast array of comforts for commercial drivers. Truckers know they can eat, shower and relax and enjoy other amenities. Drivers often have favorite facilities which they frequent and they often try to get there early enough to get an overnight parking space. Initially, truck stops were small operations which replaced local filling stations on highways. However, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 which established an interstate highway system in the United States. The interstate system has affected every citizen if not directly as motorists, then indirectly because every item we purchase has been on the Interstate System at some point.

Looking for trucker accommodation or truck stops is one of the important things on your to-do list when you set off on a long road trip. While some travelers are content with fast food and retail outlets along the way with the occasional pit stop, trucker's accommodation in the form of a motel is always the more comfortable option. These are open to even those who are not driving a truck.

What you can expect from trucker accommodation:

A trucker accommodation or  truck stop caters to professional truck drivers offering a spacious parking area and comfortable, reasonably priced accommodation and hot food after a tiring stint on the road. Many of them also offer an onsite gas station to make it easy to refuel, entertainment facilities, convenient locations on the highway so that one can easily spend some time in the nearby town and special pricing for guests. Truck stops also offer ATMs, high speed internet facilities, laundry, maintenance in the form of a truck wash and truck scales.

 Affordable facilities:

At most trucker accommodation hotels, the fuel costs less than in the area. The convenience store on site usually has everything that a traveler might look for. One of the things most truckers love about truck stops is the interesting conversation with other truckers who stop there.

Sources of information for trucker accommodation:

One of the best sources for finding trucker accommodation is via the internet, besides the obvious one of asking fellow travelers and other friends who may have traveled the route before for recommendations. Truckers usually receive discounts on various facilities like showers, complimentary breakfasts, free parking and more depending on the hotel. But these truck stops also welcome other travelers to enjoy their hospitality.

Proximity to the highway:

Whether you are looking for trucker accommodation or a truck stop, you will probably prefer the hotel to be close to the highway. The last thing you want to do is navigate a large vehicle through busy city traffic especially after driving all day. Most truckers avoid driving inside the city unless they have goods to deliver. They would rather find a safe place to park their vehicle and find a warm bed and food enabling them get a good night's rest before they set off again the next day.
Almost every major highway has truck shops that are affordable and offer clean trucker accommodation with other facilities that give truckers a welcome break from their eighteen wheelers.

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