Thursday, August 7, 2014

Excellent Tips For New Truck Drivers

As a new truck driver, you're likely ready to hit the highways and begin your career as a trucker. Long hauling is the manner that many new drivers start off their livelihood and is generally their first option. For others, it's merely a step before getting into local trucking jobs with firms that are smaller.

Everyone has to start somewhere! Many people quickly become disillusioned with their new trucking careers after being faced with the many long, arduous hours of doing their logs correctly, planning their trip, finding places to sleep and continuously developing their driving skills. However, there are many tips one can use early on in their trucking careers to make their transition easier and less stressful.

• Always bring something with you on your long-haul trips that remind you of your close friends or family. For example, a digital photo frame is durable enough for road journey and can support several of your favorite photos.

• Get a cell phone service plans that offer flat fees and you'll be able to talk to your friends and family whenever you want.

• Rent out or purchase audiobooks with your favorite books. This is one of the best ways to occupy your time on long trips away from home.

• Bring healthy snacks with you such as cut fruits and vegetables to avoid the necessity of having to eat fast food.

Locating Work

Locating work as a new truck driver is pretty simple because truck companies are always hiring. The offers of some companies may even contain attractive bonuses if you sign on as a brand new driver.

It is easier to get work as a long-haul truck driver than a local truck driver in the beginning. Companies that specialize in local runs may require at least two years of truck driving experience. They require the minimal 2 years of experience per their insurance requirements. It is simply more economical to cover a truck driver that has 2 years of experience and with a clean history, than it is to cover a fresh non-seasoned truck driver. Also, some insurance companies won't cover drivers that are new.

It's always a good idea to study and research each individual trucking company before signing any contract. It's also very helpful to find reviews from real truck drivers for a particular business. For example, find out about the state of their trucks. Some companies are notorious for not keeping up their gear in efforts to save money. Also be very wary of companies that have truck drivers who frequently quit their jobs.

Long haul trucking can be a wonderful profession. With preparation and some luck, you can make your time on the road cozy and enjoyable. You can explore the world, while still remaining connected with your family and friends.

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