Monday, August 11, 2014

Things to Pack for Over the Road Truck Driving

As you become a seasoned trucker, you will find your own list of essentials to pack for long trips. But for the beginner, some of the necessities might be easily overlooked. With the tight spaces of the cab, a trucker needs to be conscious of how much to storage space there is. Your concerns should be safety first, communication second, and comfort third. To this end, here is a short list of things to pack as your start your life as an over the road truck driver.

Extra Cash
Starting out, you may not have paycheck to draw from on the road, so be sure to carry enough cash to cover emergencies for at least a week. Consider what might happen if your rig breaks down in Tulsa and it will take a week to get repairs done. You are going to need to stay somewhere and eat something, so having the funds to hole up in a motel while waiting on the mechanics is a good contingency to plan for any trucker to prepare for.

Blankets and Coats
Your next pick up might be in Fargo, and it gets mighty cold at night. Having extra coats to wear during hookups (it can get down to 20 below in the right conditions not considering wind chill) and extra blankets to throw on your rack during a sleep-over will keep a trucker warm and well rested for the next leg of the ride.  

Dash Mounted Cell Phone Charger with Hands Free Set
Keeping in touch with friends and family on the road keeps a trucker’s spirits up, and having a fully charged phone with a hands free set up keeps you safe and on the road without having to worry about pulling over and burning time. Many states have enacted laws about truck driving and cell phone use, and a hands-free set will let you talk while keeping your mind on the road ahead.

Food and Drinks Cooler
Several companies offer center console fitted coolers large enough for drinks and snacks. Having your own supply limits the stops you’ll need to make, and lets you stock up on cheaper solutions rather than paying the prices at truck stops. Truck driving is a numbers game when it comes to paying the mortgage, and when a trucker is on the road, every dime counts.

Flip Flops and Extra Underwear
There’s never a need to load up the cab with a full suitcase, but having flip flops for the shower to keep your feet fungus free and a change of underwear to stay clean and comfortable will go a long way. Keep these in a small toiletries bag with toothpaste and brush, a razor, and some mouthwash and the road won’t wear you down so fast.

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