Saturday, August 9, 2014

Truck Driver Forums

A truck driver forum ‭ ‬or message board,‭ ‬is a discussion site where people can hold conversations by using posted messages. A thread or topic is a single conversation. Each new thread can be replied to by as many people as so wish. You can start new threads by posting discussions to start a new topic. Other people can read and respond to your thread. Truck driver forums are a good resource to find answers to questions you may have about trucking

You will be able to read most forum posts without having an account. If you wish to start new threads or reply to existing threads most forums require you have an account. Having an account on a forum has a few benefits. Along with being able to post threads and replies in the forum you will have a profile page you can fill out. Your trucking forum profile not only contains information about you it can be a great place to link to your Facebook or Blog.

Below you will find some links to popular truck driver forums.

The Truckers Trucking Forum -

The Truckers Report - -

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