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Finding Local Truck Driver Jobs in USA

Written By Priyanka
With the hard economic times that we live in today, Truck Driving has been known to be a very lucrative career for several reasons. Being a Truck Driver, you can earn a lot of money, have job stability, get to travel to different places and most of all you won't have a boss to deal with. All around the world, there is a need for transportation, not just family and children who commute to school and office everyday but professionals who also transport products and services across different countries and states for a living. In the United States these professionals are known as Truck Drivers or Truckers who constantly keep the country in motion by transporting goods and produce such as livestock, fuel, produce and pretty much everything else to markets and stores as per their need.

Consumers are not the only ones who depend on transportation, there are several businesses that need goods, supplies and equipment shipped on a regular basis. It would have been impossible for businesses to function without an effective and affordable means of transportation to get goods from one point to another. Given below are some of the Local Truck Driving Jobs in USA.

Types of Local Truck Driver Jobs

Fuel Truck Drivers:

A fuel truck driver's role is to operate a truck that hauls different kinds of fuel, oil or gas and to transport it safely to the required location. He is also required to hook up the truck and its relevant attachments, check the truck before, after and during operation, adhering to the rules of the road and managing paperwork for his customers.

Construction Truck Drivers:

Hauling materials from one place to another is the main job of a construction truck driver. He follows a schedule for pickups and deliveries of materials and needs to know the kind of materials he is hauling and their weight. What he delivers are mainly loose materials in the form of rocks, sand, gravel, coal etc. He will be required to travel locally to and from construction or renovation sites as part of his daily schedule.

Light or delivery truck drivers:

Light Delivery trucks generally holds a capacity of less than 26,000 pounds GVW. Drivers driving these kind of trucks deliver or pick up goods within a particular area. The turnaround could be short where the shipment is to be delivered to a nearby city or to pick up a loaded vehicle and drive it to the home base. These drivers generally load or unload the goods at the customer's place of business.

Driver/ Sales :

Some drivers are assigned customer service and sales responsibilities. The primary job would be to deliver and sell products within an already established route. It could be sales related to food products or picking up and delivering of laundry. These drivers may also collect payments as and when required.

If you or someone you know has an interest in local truck driver jobs, you should know there are different choices available and other added benefits for you to choose from. You could also talk to other truck drivers and get a first hand opinion on where to find employment in the trucking industry to make it a career of your life.

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